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Georgia is one of the more popular auto transport states.

Atlanta is by far the biggest city and metropolitan area in Georgia and is the 9th most populous metro area in the US. Georgia also forms a sort of barrier to Florida, one of the most popular auto transport states, which helps provide thru-traffic to Atlanta as well as other parts of the state. Transport from Atlanta to anywhere in the US is as easy as it gets, but other parts of the state not along interstate 75 or 95 can sometimes suffer from neglect. Even people along interstate 75 and 95 may experience a lack of carriers if they are not shipping north or south. The solution is to be patient as carriers are constantly traveling all over the state. If you need shipment quickly meet the driver at the nearest large city or pay an outrageous amount, however, if you live in the mountainous region in the north you will have to meet. These roads are extremely difficult for trucks to drive on. The money necessary to get a trucker to actually pick up a car here is usually not worth it considering Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Greenville are very close by.

Interstate 95 is one of the most well travelled roads in the US. If you are located along this road shipping north or south will be as easy as shipping from Atlanta would be, shipping west is a different story. Fortunately Georgia’s coast is the location of 2 major ports, one in Savannah and one in Brunswick. Savannah is actually the fourth busiest port in the US. These two ports attract drivers from all over the US making it much easier to ship to places like California or Washington from Georgia’s coast.

Georgia is a straightforward state to ship a car from. If you live in Atlanta then your transport will be simple, if you live anywhere else be patient and one of the many trucks coming through Georgia will pass by soon enough.

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