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Massachusetts is in the top 10 easiest states to ship a car from.

Massachusetts checks a lot of boxes when it comes to auto transport. It is densely populated, has a major metropolitan area, has a high GDP per capita, has a major port, is a snowbird state, and the quality of life is fantastic. All these things make Massachusetts a great auto transport state but by far the most important thing is the people and how they are concentrated. It’s the 6th smallest state but the 14th most populous, and 70% of that population lives in Boston. The metropolitan area of Boston is so large that it practically covers half the state as well as parts of Rhode Island and New Hampshire. And the state is growing. The economy of Massachusetts is doing very well which is attracting new residents and tourists, and of course Massachusetts has some of the finest higher education programs in the world which draw in myriads of students every year. These factors alone create a sizable auto transport demand but, coupled with the port of Boston, the amount of cars being moved back and forth becomes enormous.

Like the rest of New England, Massachusetts experiences long, snowy winters. Long, snowy winters create snow birds. Snow birds create auto transport price fluctuations. Between October and December the price from Massachusetts going south will be very high as all of these people make the trip to warmer states, primarily Florida. Between April and May the price is very high coming back up north as the snow birds make the trip home. Shipping in the opposite direction of the crowd will result in as a low a price per mile as possible.

If you are shipping from the Boston area to anywhere else in the country your experience will be quick and straightforward. The Springfield area is also very well serviced as most trucks coming from Boston will be passing through here. People north of Springfield may experience some availability issues but if you pay well your car should be picked up in a timely fashion. Massachusetts is a small state and there are trucks almost everywhere, the only place you may have a serious issue with availability is in the northwest. Pittsfield isn’t far however, so you can meet a carrier there if it becomes necessary.

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