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Why You Need a Broker

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Auto transport isn’t easy. Finding a carrier isn’t easy. Determining what price a vehicle should be shipped at isn’t easy.

The main purpose of a broker is, of course, to find you a carrier, which is harder than it seems. Carriers are usually small companies, sometimes as small as one person and they also have a very small customer base so they don’t promote themselves nearly as much as brokers. If you are going to try to find a carrier the best way to do it is through word of mouth. Ask family and friends about carriers they used in the past.

Brokers have the connections and knowledge necessary to find a reputable carrier whose schedule and route fit your needs. But they do more than that. A good broker will keep your carrier in line, keep you updated, and make the process simple and easy.

At MIG we take it one step further and try to make the process enjoyable. Our goal is to be honest with you and make everything simple. If you need a quote visit our auto transport quote page.

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