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How Far in Advance Should I Book My Auto Transport?


How Far in Advance Should I Book My Auto Transport?

ASAP. I can’t think of a reason not to let your broker know about shipping your car as soon as possible. Most of the time they won’t get into any serious talks with carriers until a week or two in advance but letting them know two months in before you move or whatever it is can’t hurt.

This leads to another question a lot of people ask me. Why don’t brokers sign contracts with carriers well in advance? Why wait until the week that I need to have my car transported? That’s because auto transport is a very unstable business. Drivers are constantly dealing with breakdowns, cancellations, weather delays, traffic, you name it. And when people are booking their transport months in advance there is simply no way for the driver to know if it will be possible for him to move that car.

Another thing about the auto transport business that makes it hard to book a carrier very far in advance is the constantly fluctuating price. Prices go up and down for a million different reasons and carriers can only make money if they are giving up spots on their trailer for only the best paying cars. If you are paying big bucks in July there is no way for the driver to know if those will still be big bucks in June.

So while you should book with your broker as far in advance as possible understand that booking further in advance doesn’t mean that you will have a carrier set up that much quicker too.

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