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How Do I Ship a Motorcycle?

shipping a motorcycle

Shipping a motorcycle is the same as shipping a car. You contact the same brokers and the same carriers move your car. There are a few things however that don’t work exactly the same.

Chances are your motorcycle will be shipped on an open car carrier. This means that your bike will be exposed to the elements. Rain is not that big of a deal to most bikes but some bikes have exposed wiring or special upholstery that if rained on can get ruined so keep that in mind. If necessary remove and ship seats or whatever else separately. And of course be mindful of snow in the winter months.

Another thing different about motorcycles than cars is price. A good broker will try to ship your motorcycle for around half of what a car would cost. Sometimes it will be necessary to ship for the full price but, if your schedule is a little flexible, than the broker should attempt to, at least at first, ship for very low. Motorcycles take up very little space on a trailer and drivers usually just consider them extra. Paying full price becomes necessary if when your motorcycle is not in a popular city or if there just aren’t that many drivers in the area.

Shipping a motorcycle is pretty straightforward. Let your broker know about any modifications and your shipment should go off without a hitch.

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