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Why is There a Limit on How Much Stuff I Can Put in My Car?

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We get it. We really do. You’re moving and or maybe your gifting your car or maybe there are some extra parts you need to transport with the car after you sold it or maybe your son needs his stuff while at college or maybe a million other things. But when you pack your car up to the brim it causes major problems for your auto transport company.

The biggest issue is with weight limits. There are strict policies for a lot of things in the world of a semi truck driver but weight might be the strictest. Ever seen those rest area kind of things on the side of highways that all the large trucks pull into? Well those are called weight scales. Every truck that gets pulled in, and if your truck is traveling thousands of miles he is bound to get pulled in at least once, gets weighed. And guess what happens if your truck is overweight? Best case scenario your driver is ticketed. Worst case scenario he is put out of service by the DOT and your car and every other car on the trailer is late by possibly weeks. If there aren’t limits on stuff inside of cars then this becomes a serious possibility more often than not.

Another issue is with smuggling. Technically you aren’t allowed to have any household goods inside of your car but most drivers will let it go because a few items isn’t really that big of a deal in terms of weight or legal trouble. But if a car were to get pulled over and searched and found to have drugs or something similarly illegal then all of the blame would go on the driver. It would be difficult to prove his innocence and the owner of the cars guilt. And the driver’s schedule doesn’t give him the luxury of thoroughly searching every car before picking it up. So limiting things in cars during auto transport makes it easier to keep the auto transport industry clean as well as helping keep America clean.

So for these two reasons limits must be enforced. Every now and again people get away with loading their cars to the T but please, if you are going to have personal items inside your vehicle let your broker know and they will let the appropriate people at the carrier company know about it.

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