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Minnesota is an above average auto transport destination.

Carriers like Minnesota because the population is so concentrated in Minneapolis, 60% of Minnesotans live there. Transport may be difficult to find if you live outside of the metropolitan but if it weren’t for Minneapolis it would be impossible.

Snow birds are a big part of the auto transport economy here. Between October and December a large amount of residents travel to warmer states, particularly California and Florida but smaller numbers also travel to Arizona, New Mexico, or other states with mild winters. Between April and May all of these people make the trip back up north and the cycle repeats itself. The price is going to be very high in the direction the snow birds travel and very low in the opposite direction. At the end of April for example, the price from Miami to Minneapolis is about $1100 but the price going the other way is only $500. Snow birds have a huge effect.

But Minnesota attracts plenty of people as well. The economy is doing very well, people have a high personal income, unemployment is low, and Minnesotans are well educated. The people are very active, there are all kinds of events and sports taking place year-round even through the harsh winters. Lakes are another big reason people come to Minnesota. There are over 11,000 lakes in the state and many people both in and out of the state own or rent cabins on those lakes throughout the year to use as a retreat. Minnesota and Minneapolis in particular, is thriving.

If you are shipping from Minnesota the most important thing to be aware of is the snow birds. Try to ship in the opposite direction they are going, that way your price will be as low as possible. If you are shipping somewhere besides the south you will have to be a little more patient. Minneapolis is big but it’s kind of isolated. If you are shipping outside of the metro be willing to meet, especially if you are north of Duluth.

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