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New Jersey

new jersey

New Jersey is one of the easiest states to ship a car from.

The state is small, densely populated, and has an incredible position for auto transport, not only is it located right next to Philadelphia and New York City but it’s also in the center of the Northeast Megalopolis. This area stretches from Washington DC to Boston and is one of the most highly traveled and populated areas in the world. New Jersey may not have any enormous cities of its own but being in the middle of all of these other cities more than makes up for it.

Position is definitely the greatest asset that New Jersey has but a couple of other factors help. The people of New Jersey are wealthier than the national average. The median income is the second highest in the nation. The economy is very well developed. Financial services, chemical engineering, telecommunications, and tourism are the biggest industries. There are actually more scientists and engineers living in New Jersey per square mile than anywhere else in the world. It is also the most densely populated state in the US which drivers love. And of course the Port of New York and New Jersey is the busiest port on the east coast which adds some international flavor to the cars shipped in and out of the state.

Snow birds are another big part of New Jersey auto transport, like they are for most northern and southern states. Winters are not particularly bad but because of the proximity to the ocean the area is at an increased risk for winter storms. A lot of people choose to spend their winters in warmer places like Florida. Between the months of October and December all of these people ship their cars south raising the price in that direction but decreasing the price in the opposite direction. Between April and May they go back up north reversing the effect on the price. Try to ship in the opposite direction of the snow birds to save as much money as possible.

Almost every location in New Jersey is very well traveled by truck. Shipment anywhere is easy and affordable. There is a small section of central-southern New Jersey that is very heavily forested that may be a tough spot to get a car out of. Pay more money or meet a driver near by, someone will accommodate you sooner rather than later. Shipping a car to or from New Jersey is as easy as it will get. If your car isn’t generating interest be patient, no matter where you are shipping to a trucker heading that way will eventually come through New Jersey.


  1. r@r.com' jlp says:

    is cape may an easy spot to ship to? ive been receiving very high prices going that way

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      Cape May can be difficult to ship to because it is the southern extreme of New Jersey and it’s a tough place to drive a big truck. I would suggest meeting a truck in either Vineland or Atlantic City.

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