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Ohio is mostly a great state for auto transport.

Ohio’s advantages are it’s superb location, linking the northeast to the midwest, and it’s excellent economy, which generates demand for auto transport within the state. Columbus is at the forefront of it all. Its population is the largest, its location is opportune, and its economy is very well developed in manufacturing and technology. Cleveland and Cincinnati share these advantages but to a lesser degree. Businesses show a lot of interest in Ohio. Because of the position a lot of companies locate their distribution centers here, vehicle manufacturers build factories here, and Ohio is very well educated so research labs, healthcare institutions, and aerospace technology firms have also made Ohio their home. Ohio is fluid, people are moving around and making things happen, and this is great for auto transporters.

Like any northern state with heavy snowfall, snow birds have a big effect on the transport prices. Between October and December the price coming from Ohio to a southern state, especially Florida, will go up dramatically and the price going the other way will be as low as possible. Between April and May this effect is reversed.

Ohio is generally an easy state to transport a car from. Be aware of the snow bird shipping pattern and try to ship in the opposite direction, this way you will get the lowest price per mile possible. If you are in Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, or Cincinnati and are shipping to another fairly large city then your transport will be pretty straightforward. Most of Ohio is very accessible because of the excellent roadways but some parts of southern Ohio can be a problem for transporters. Try to be flexible if you are located here and eventually a driver will pick your car up.

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