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Pennsylvania is an average state to ship a car from.

Pennsylvania is historically very important to the United States, and though that hasn’t changed over the years auto transport in the state is mostly lackluster. Philadelphia is one bright spot. On its own the city would draw in transporters because of the large populations but with the proximity to New Jersey and New York, transport becomes incredibly easy. The rest of Pennsylvania isn’t so lucky. Pittsburgh is the second largest city but has only a fifth of the population, the nearest large city is Cleveland which is no where near the auto transport super power that New York is, so Pittsburgh can be tough to get shipment to certain parts of the US. Other important cities like Harrisburg and Scranton are not impossible to get a car shipped from but not exactly easy either. People in these areas will be dependent on trucks passing through because their populations are not big enough to make the cities destinations themselves.

Snow birds are also a factor in Pennsylvania’s auto transport. Between the October and December these people travel to warmer states, primarily Florida, and as a result the price to ship to these states goes up and the price in the other direction becomes very low. Between April and May the snow birds travel in the opposite direction creating the opposite effect. Try to ship in the opposite direction of the snow birds and your transport will be the lowest price per mile possible.

Pennsylvania is a straightforward state to ship a car from. Philadelphians will have an especially easy time but most everyone else will just have to be a little patient while a carrier is located. The only people who may have an impossible time are people who are far from an interstate, particularly in the northeast corner of the state. While looking for a carrier from here is certainly worth a shot, you may end of having to meet somewhere more truck friendly. Cities in Pennsylvania already have a bad reputation for low bridges and large hills but these challenges are intensified in this part of the state.

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