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Richmond VA

richmond va

Richmond is a city on the rise.

The main reason for Richmond’s success in auto transport is its excellent location. It is at the intersection of two major interstates in i-95 and i-64 and has major rail and boat crossings as well. Shipment to any other city on i-95, and north or south in general, is very easy because of how heavily trafficked i-95 is. i-64 does help with transport but it passes smaller cities and is much less popular with truckers. Shipment to the rest of the US is assisted by the fact that Richmond is just south of the Northeast megalopolis which is one of the most heavily populated regions in the country. Trucks leaving this area go to virtually every other part of the US and most will have to pass through Richmond on their way out.

Easy access is another big reason Richmond is an excellent auto transport city. The majority of carriers picking up or dropping off will only be passing by and this is a huge plus for them because they can get in and out very quickly. The city has interstates, highways, and generally big roads in every section. Traffic is not heavy either so this makes Richmond an ideal location. Five Star Car and Truck is located just north of downtown Richmond along i-95, right off of US 1, and it is a great example of how easy truckers have it here. A trucker can get off of i-95, stop at Five Star, and get right back on i-95 in 20 minutes. The city is seemingly built for this. Of course it would help if it generated more auto transport demand on its own but because of how simple accessing businesses like Five Star is, transportation is still very easy.

Richmond does not have a very large snowbird population because the winters are not that harsh. The prices are still effected but not as much as the more northern states. Shipment to Florida during the winter will climb to about $600 or $700. During the rest of the year it stays at about $450 and $550.

Shipping prices to southern states will vary greatly depending on the time of year. Shipping to Los Angeles will be between $900 and $1400 depending on the time of year. Shipping to Texas will be between $600 and $1000 depending on the time of year. Shipping prices to northern states are more predictable but will still vary based on your situation. Shipping to Washington will be between $1150 and $1450. Shipping to Chicago will be between $500 and $700. Shipping directly north to New York City will be between $250 and $400.

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