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Taking Care of the Big Stuff

Most of our shipments are standard sized automobiles: cars, SUVs, and pick up trucks. But we also ship some heavy equipment.

We often take care of larger than average vehicles. Things like cargo vans and dually trucks are common. These vehicles are usually shipped on either a small car carrier (2-5 car carrier) or a flatbed. Some larger car haulers (8-10 car carriers) may take vehicles like this but usually it makes more financial sense for the smaller carriers to do it.

Depending on your route the price to ship one of these vehicles can cost double or more what it does to ship a regular car.

One option to consider when hauling something like a heavy duty truck or Sprinter van or even a semi is a driveaway service. These companies drive your vehicle to the destination for you. This could be quicker and cheaper but miles and wear and tear will be put on your vehicle.

We also ship really big stuff. Semi trucks, construction equipment, etc.

semi truck towing semi trucks

You may have seen a semi carrying carrying 2 or 3 three other semis ↑ on the highway before. Semi-trucks get shipped this way or loaded onto a flatbed.

Construction equipment can vary greatly in size and therefore it varies greatly in cost and complexity of shipping too. Some smaller equipment can fit on car carriers or small trailers but it will typically be transported on a flatbed ↑. Enormous machines like excavators and bulldozers require special equipment as well as special permits and licenses which can get expensive.

There is a hauling solution for pretty much every type of freight. Just look at this enormous load:

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