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Tennessee is an above average auto transport state.

The main advantage Tennessee has is being in the middle of everything, of which Nashville is a shining example. Interstate 40 and interstate 65, two major American roadways, converge here as well as interstate 24 which isn’t as lengthy as the other two but is still very important and heavily used. Two of the most important auto transport routes cross through Nashville, Chicago to Florida and Los Angeles to New York. Trucker thru-traffic is plentiful.

Another big reason for Tennessee’s auto transport hub status is the influx of people in recent years. Nashville in particular is growing quickly though much of the state shares its positive traits. Low cost of living and a refreshing culture are important to people moving here but the economy is the deciding factor. The two largest and fastest growing industries in Tennessee are automotive manufacturing and healthcare. 80 of 95 counties have some sorts of automotive manufacturing operation equaling 900 total plants, the largest of which are owned by GM, Nissan, and Volkswagen. Healthcare, however, employs more people and is growing faster. Nashville is one of the most important cities in terms of medical innovations and advances; much of Tennessee also enjoys a healthy healthcare industry.

Healthcare may be more important for the people of Tennessee but the automotive manufacturing is more important for auto transporters. Massive amounts of cars need to be shipped from all over constantly. The Nissan factory in Smyrna, outside of Nashville, produces 55,000 cars a month alone. With all the other factories included the transportation needed to haul these vehicles is truly incredible. It helps that Nashville is 600 miles from 50 percent of the population and that is a big reason these factories were built here.

Western Tennessee is certainly the favored side of auto transporters though eastern Tennessee is fairly well off too. Knoxville and Chattanooga don’t have the same populations that Nashville and Memphis do, but they are still located on major roadways and have a sizable auto transport demand. Transport from these cities is easy albeit not as easy as from Nashville and Memphis. The only part of Tennessee truly difficult to get a car out of is in the mountain ranges bordering North Carolina. The only solution is to meet on interstate 81/40/75, truckers simply don’t go into these mountains. Every other part of Tennessee, including the smaller cities and towns, are on favorable roads and are simple to ship from. If you are in Tennessee chances are your transport will be uncomplicated.

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