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Colorado is a popular state for auto transport.

Despite not having a huge population and being out of the way of major transport routes, Colorado is an easy state to ship a car from for most people. Carriers like it because the population is very concentrated around the Denver metropolitan and because it generates a lot of auto transport demand for its size. The mountainous western region is still extremely difficult to ship from, even impossible in some areas, but overall you could do much worse.

Maybe the biggest reason Colorado is so popular with drivers is the presence of snow birds. The per capita personal income of Coloradans is very high and the weather can be severe. These factors have created a vast snow bird community in the state. Because of where the state is a sizable portion of these people go to Florida and California for their winters. This helps the state have a wide auto transport reach because drivers have to pass through a lot of other states on their way in and out. Remember, snow birds ship south between October and December then ship north between April and May. The prices will be very high if you are shipping with the snow birds but very low when shipping in the opposite direction.

Snow birds are far from the only reason for Colorado’s popularity, as evidenced by the ease of shipment to places like Chicago and the northeast. The economy is in excellent shape and there are many lucrative positions for job seekers in a wide variety of industries. The culture also attracts people once they get a taste of it, literally and figuratively. Colorado has its own type of food, film, art, style, and people. It’s not a surprise that it is one of the fastest growing states; people want to live here, transporters included.

The two biggest cities in the state are an hour apart. If you live in Denver or Colorado Springs you are in a fine auto transport situation no matter where you want to ship. If you are outside of these cities but are in eastern Colorado you may be in just as good a situation depending on where your destination is. If you are on the way from Denver to the destination, you will be able to ship a car just as easily, if not be prepared to meet off of an interstate and wait, shipment is far from impossible. Western Coloradans in the Rockies will need to meet on interstate 70, pay well, and be patient. It is basically a waste of time to search for a carrier that will pick up a car anywhere in the mountains besides the interstate. The only exception to this is Durango. Even there, transport will be extremely difficult so have some patience and money ready.

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