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Colorado can be broken down into two sections for auto transport: the eastern half and the western half.

The eastern half contains Denver which is the biggest city in Colorado, Colorado Springs which is the second biggest city in Colorado, and the rest of the smaller cities in the flat eastern side of the state.

Denver is wonderfully positioned for shipping. It is in the middle of a lot of important auto transport routes and that makes it very easy to ship in any direction. We have trucks coming in and out of Denver all of the time. Denver is a major city and a whole host of different business here require auto transport as well as individuals.

Colorado Springs may not be as big as Denver but it is close, and getting closer. Colorado Springs is considered one of the best places to live in the US and it is was ranked as the fourth most business friendly city in the country! It is a city on the rise and people are moving in! It is very easy to ship a car here.

The rest of the eastern half of Colorado does not have any major cities but it is still very easy to ship from because we have so many trucks are coming in and out of Denver and Colorado Springs. This area is also very flat which makes it very easy to access by truck. If you are shipping from here your price may be a little higher compared to someone shipping directly from Denver but not by much.

Our most common routes from the eastern side of Colorado are to Washington, Illinois, the New York, Florida, Texas, and California.

Fun Fact: Colorado is the only state that is entirely 1000 meters above sea level.

The western half of the state is almost completely covered by the Rocky Mountains and it is notoriously tough for trucks. The roads are steep and the turns are sharp and they use up a lot of fuel. We don’t have any regular routes in this area but we can send a truck out on request. It is sometimes necessary for us to use towing companies here to help with time sensitive or very remote shipments. Shipping will be more expensive from this area compared to Denver and can take longer as well but we can still certainly help!

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