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Jacksonville FL

Welcome to (usually) sunny Jacksonville!
Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars and MIG Auto Transport!

By population Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida. There are a lot of military bases here and a lot of people are moving in at the moment. Jacksonville also has a very big port which is constantly importing and exporting cars from all over the world. We are not a popular snowbird destination though because the climate here isn’t as warm as the cities further south but Jacksonville is still very affected by snowbird price fluctuations.

Jacksonville is located at the meeting point of the very heavily trafficked i-95 and i-10 interstates. Overall it’s an easy place to ship from but you might pay a little extra compared to other cities in Florida when going west or northwest. This is because most trucks will go up i-75 from FL when going that way and Jacksonville isn’t along the way.

If you live by the beach auto transport trucks could have a hard time getting to you because the roads are narrower here. But the northwest part of Jacksonville is pretty much made for trucks. Southern and northern Jacksonville are easy spots for trucks to get to as well because most roads will be wide and clear. Downtown is the worst area for a trucker to drive to but there will always be a parking lot or something close by that they can stop the truck in. Overall Jacksonville is a better than average city for truck accessibility.


If you read our guide on Florida auto transport you will know that the whole state gets a very high auto transport grade. Jacksonville is the same but shipping west or northwest is a little bit more difficult though still easy. You can get a rough estimate on your price below but to get an accurate price make sure you request a personalized quote.

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