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Kansas is a pretty good state to ship a car to or from.

Kansas City is a major city with a large population that we service very often. We can arrange shipment fairly quickly to or from here. Wichita is a decent sized city that we service pretty regularly also and shipment can be arranged fairly quickly here as well.

Most of Kansas, however, is rural and spread out. This is usually a big issue in other states that can make shipping pretty expensive. But in Kansas two factors make shipping very easy for both you and the drivers. First Kansas is very flat, so truckers can take any kind of detour from the main roads without worrying about difficult terrain. And second Kansas is right in the middle of the US. We have trucks passing through that are going in every direction. North to Minnesota, south to Texas and Florida, east to New York and Massachusetts, and west to Washington and California.

This means that pretty much anywhere you are in Kansas you can ship fairly quickly and at a good rate to pretty much anywhere in the US.

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