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Nebraska can be broken down into two halves: the upper half (which is everything 30 miles north of i-80 and up) and the bottom half (which is everything 30 miles north of i-80 and below).

The bottom half (which includes i-80) is definitely the better part for auto transport. We have trucks on i-80 going in every direction and that makes it very easy to ship a car pretty much anywhere. Omaha is the biggest city in this section and the biggest city in Nebraska and we have trucks coming through Omaha as well as Lincoln very regularly.

We have regular routes through this part of Nebraska to Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Fun Fact: Nebraska is where Kool-Aid was discovered!

The northern half is harder to ship from or to. But luckily this is a smaller and less populated area so it doesn’t affect as many people. Because there is no interstate or major city here we don’t have too many routes coming through here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ship from here. We can set up transport for you no matter where you are in Nebraska!

If you need to ship a car to or from Nebraska call us at 904 553 7367 or get a quote here!

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