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Nebraska is one of the worst states for auto transport.

Nebraska is a lot like Kansas, they have a similar topography and both states have a big city all the way in the east and not much else. Nebraska is just less populous and more out of the way. 89% of cities have less than 3000 people, it is the 7th least densely populated state, and the rural areas are declining as the urban areas become more populous. Some carriers from Los Angeles may pass through the state on their way to Chicago and the northeast, but not many because they would have to come through the difficult roads in the Rocky Mountains. Nebraska, on the other hand, has very accommodating roads. Transporters are not afraid to go on the smaller routes because they know it will be flat and uncomplicated, unfortunately the small population more than cancels this out. If you want your car picked up in Nebraska you have to be along interstate 80 and even then it won’t be easy to find a carrier. Pay well, be along the interstate, and, for bonus points, be close to Omaha.

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