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Nevada is an above average auto transport state.

Large parts of Nevada are government owned and very few people live outside of the Las Vegas and Reno metropolitans. Las Vegas is the biggest city and fully 75% of the population lives in or around it. Transportation is easy from here but if you are outside of Clark County then you may have some trouble. Basically the other 24% of the population live along interstate 80 and 1% are scattered throughout the desert. Transport from anywhere on interstate 80 is easy to certain places, particularly Chicago, the northeast, and everywhere in between. Transport south and southeast from interstate 80 can be difficult and will require time to locate a carrier at a decent rate, it may even become necessary to meet in San Francisco or Salt Lake City. The scattered 1% will find it necessary to meet, almost regardless of price.

Nevada is the tourism capital of the US and tourism is its main industry. This may seem like a good thing for transporters but these tourists do not stay long enough to make transporting a car worth the money or effort. Tourism does has a positive impact on the economy, however, and that certainly helps create auto transport demand. If you are shipping a car to Las Vegas you’ll have as easy a time as shipping anywhere else. If you are shipping outside of the Las Vegas metropolitan than your transport will be much less straightforward though not necessarily difficult.

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