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South Dakota

As far as auto transport is concerned South Dakota can be broken down into Sioux Falls and everything else.

While Sioux Falls is definitely not the best city in the US for auto transport it is still much better than every other part of South Dakota. The population is around 250,000 which is about 125,000 more than any other city in the state.

We have regular routes from Sioux Falls to Florida, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Fun Fact: South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore!

The rest of South Dakota is very small and very spread out so it can be difficult to ship a car from here. But we can definitely still help you out! We have a number of smaller carriers and tow trucks we employ to help out with hard to reach locations.

If you want to ship to or from South Dakota give us a call at 904 553 7367 or click here to get a guaranteed quote!


  1. jamel_conway@gmail.com' Jamel says:

    What is the easiest city to shipfrom in SD? I am in Faith and have been trying for weeks to get my car out.

    • Max - MIG Auto Transport says:

      Hi Jamel! Like the article says your best bet would be Sioux Falls. Give us a call and we can help you out: 904 553 7367.

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