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Utah can be broken down into three auto transport sections: Salt Lake City, i-15, and i-70/everything else.

Salt Lake City is by far the biggest city in Utah with about 2.5 million people living in and around it and the city is growing. Its population and economy are some of the fastest growing in the US which makes it the best place to ship from or to in Utah. Prices are cheapest and transport is quickest here.

We have regular routes from Salt Lake City to southern and northern California, northwest to Oregon and Washington, east to Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts, and south to Texas and Florida.

i-15 is the second best location to ship a car from in Utah. While St. George is not a tiny city its population is only 170,000 which is not typically big enough for us to have dedicated trucks for. Luckily i-15 is a very well traveled highway for us so transport is still relatively easy because we have trucks passing through all of the time.

We have regular routes from St. George to southern California and Arizona and east to Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.

The third and most difficult location for auto transport is pretty much everything else. While i-70 is a major highway it goes straight into the Rocky Mountains. Large transport trucks, especially our trucks which are much heavier than the normal semi trucks on the road, do everything in their power to avoid this route. If you are shipping from somewhere along i-70 or even somewhere further off of the beaten path we can definitely still help. We service all of Utah. Just keep in mind it may be a little bit more expensive and we may not have trucks available ASAP. In some cases, when transport is needs quickly, we will use a smaller truck to transport the car to one of our terminals in Salt Lake or along i-15.

We don’t have any regular routes from this area but we can still definitely help!

Fun Fact: The current speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats is 1014.656kph which is 630.478mph. It was the first time 1000kph was reached on the ground.

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