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Utah is a below average auto transport state.

Utah is a lot like Colorado because the state is covered by a mountain range and because the population is heavily concentrated in one area, but Utah doesn’t share Colorado’s popularity. Shipment to western states is easy but the smaller population and less centered placement make it very hard to ship to the east, though far from impossible.

Utah has a lot of growth to look forward to. Its population and economy are some of the fastest growing in the US. People come for a well paying job and incredible scenery. With all of the urban settlement focused in the Salt Lake City area it leaves the rest of the state untouched and naturally beautiful, and it looks like it will stay that way for a long time.

Snow birds are a big part of transport in Utah. Because the state is so far to the west not many Utahns spend their winters in Florida, California, and Arizona are much more popular destinations though transport will still be very expensive to Florida at this time. Between October and December snow birds will be shipping south, transport from cold states going south will be very expensive across the US but will be very cheap in the opposite direction. Between April and May this effect is reversed and transport from warm states going north will be very expensive but cheap the other way.

It you live in Utah chances are you live in Salt Lake City. Transport anywhere in the west will be easy, but if you are shipping east you may have a long wait until a carrier is found. Utah is an interstate only state. You will not get transport from any location far from a major road. Interstate 15 is good for people shipping north or south and interstate 80 is good for people shipping east or west. Interstate 70 isn’t particularly good for anyone because it passes through the Rocky Mountains, a treacherous road for truckers. If you are on interstate 70 then meet somewhere on interstate 15 or even Salt Lake City. Utah can be a difficult place to ship from, be patient when searching for a carrier.

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