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Wyoming can be broken down into two distinct auto transport sections: i-80 and everything else.

i-80 is a very well traveled highway for us. It is one of the least mountainous roads going through the Rockies so our drivers are funneled into it from all over to avoid the bad road conditions on other highways. While there isn’t a particular city here that we service regularly we have so many trucks coming through this area on other routes that it is not difficult to ship from here to pretty much anywhere else in the US.

We have regular routes for people on i-80 shipping west to California and Washington, east to Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts, and south to Texas and Florida.

Fun Fact: Wyoming has the smallest population of all 50 states!

The rest of Wyoming is very spread out. It’s not a densely populated state by any means. That means in order for a driver to pick up a full load of cars they have to go to a lot of different spots which takes up more time and money compared to just loading everything in one or two cities. For really hard to reach areas like Yellowstone, we sometimes need to use tow trucks to help get shipments done because of how hard it can be to get a truck out there. While shipping will be more expensive from this part of Wyoming compared to i-80 we can still certainly help you get the job done!

If you are interested in shipping to or from Wyoming let us know. Call 904 553 7367 or get a quote for free online here.

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